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University of Oxford / Post-Doctoral Scientist


After my graduation from the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics in 2015, various opportunities came lighted up. I started my PhD studies at the National University of Singapore, and upon completion my PhD, I have joined to the University of Oxford as a postdoctoral scientist.

Being an IZTECH graduate was always a plus to me not only because of the intense courses that made up my scientific background but also the language of education, high standards of the laboratories and intense scientific research that enable students understand, think and encourage doing research.

You will enjoy your time in IZTECH while becoming a well-developed person in every aspect.

Caner AKIL

University of Oxford / Researcher

I obtained my Master’s degree from the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics in 2015. This process in IZTECH has become a stepstone in my academic career that enabled me to complete my PhD studies in the National University of Singapore. Upon completion of my PhD, I moved to Tokyo, Japan as a JSPS fellow. Now, I am a postdoctoral scientist in the University of Oxford.
Being a graduate of IZTECH is indeed a privilege that provides hadfull of opportunities; the Institute is recognised internationally, and the highly qualified research laboratories prepare students in the best way possible. In particular, the language of education adds further value to the research, in terms of staying up to date and publishing the findings in international journals.
I would like to say that studying in IZTECH will be possibly very good opportunity for your future.

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CSIRO, Melbourne, Australia / Postdoctoral Researcher

Hello friends!

I graduated from IZTECH Chemical Engineering in 2007 and then completed my master’s degree in Chemical Engineering again. IZTECH differs from other universities primarily because it follows a different teaching style and path. The fact that the classes are not crowded in undergraduate education allows for a much more productive environment in my opinion, as well as being different from the usual lecture halls. With homework, projects and group work, the student is actively and continuously involved in the education process, and thus the student’s level of knowledge can be continuously increased. Academics and lecturers are highly qualified, even the best in their field. Its strong infrastructure and high-tech laboratories and research fields are at a level that can compete with the most prestigious universities abroad. The studies are mostly published in the highest quality international journals in their field and can reach high citation numbers. Finally, to add a personal note, my position at CSIRO, Australia’s most distinguished research institution, has a great impact on my position at IZTECH.



İKÇÜ / Academician

I graduated from IZTECH Mechanical Engineering Doctorate Program in 2015. Previously, I worked as a research assistant in the same department between 2009-2012. With the presence of qualified faculty members, each from different places, IZTECH offers students a wide perspective and opportunities, as well as international quality education.

I think IZTECH’s own corporate culture has developed and students feel belonging here. My advice to students is to take advantage of the diversity and support provided by the professors after graduation to always aim for challenging new goals, especially at a young age. In this way, qualified and continuous development can be achieved. I think IZTECH’s international perspective is an advantage in this regard.



Temsa Transportation Vehicles / R&D Engineer

After graduating from the Chemistry Department of the Faculty of Science in 2007-2012, I completed my master’s degree in Sabancı University Materials Science and Engineering Department with full scholarship.

Then I worked as a Project Engineer at Kordsa Teknik Tekstil company for 1.5 years. Due to the marriage, I decided to settle in Adana and started my R&D engineering duty at Temsa Transportation Vehicles Inc. I have been working here in the Project Management Team for 4,5 years.

IZTECH has brought me to these days with the advantages of being an institute. Learning science where science is done also taught me to approach analytically.

Follow your dreams and experience the happiness of being in an academically well-equipped institute!


British Columbia University / Post-Doctoral Researcher

Dear IZTECH family,

After I graduated from IZTECH Chemical Engineering in 2008, I started my master’s degree in the same department of IZTECH. After completing my doctoral education at the University of Alberta in Canada, I continue to work as a post-doctoral researcher at the University of British Columbia.

First of all, I would like to state what a privilege it is to be a member of this family. The quality of the faculty members of our university, the low proportion of student faculty members, the one-to-one communication between the faculty members and even the university’s position will positively affect your career, lifestyle and vision. I will say very clearly, it is not easy to adapt to the high standards of IZTECH, but every moment I struggled and sweated at IZTECH was rewarded. However, besides the difficult moments, I have gained very good friendships and memories at IZTECH. That’s why I have always been proud and happy to be a member of IZTECH.

The key to success is doing the job you love in a well-equipped environment where you feel like you belong. Therefore, friends of IZTECH and who will choose IZTECH, live the social and academic life of İYTE as a whole, to the fullest and with love.

Yours Sincerely



IZTECH / Career Support Unit

IZTECH is mine. Indeed, it would not be wrong to say “IZTECH is mine”, because since 2003, both being a student, being a student representative; Today, I consider myself as IZTECH is mine as the manager of the Career Support Unit (KARDES) and the presidency of the alumni association İYTEMED. IZTECH taught me to look so differently that you can be active in many different areas than the department you graduated from. IZTECH brings a culture to the person and makes a difference. Employees who graduate from another university and work at IZTECH also gain this spirit. I have experienced this for 17 years in various practices.

I have always believed and lived that he will be more successful in the social field by getting education at IZTECH. Because analytical thinking is very effective in social life.

It is a privilege to study at IZTECH regardless of the department. As you approach the 30th anniversary of its foundation and the 20th anniversary of its first graduation, you will realize how important it is to be a student at our university, which is known and respected both in the scientific world and in the private sector. With IZTECH preference, you will be choosing your future, not just a department. We will be happy to see you at IZTECH, where there is a logarithmic increase, not a linear, in every field. Stay with love, be friends.

Physics Department-2008 graduate


CBÜ / Academician

July 2010 I graduated from Izmir Institute of Technology, Department of Mechanical Engineering, PhD program. Since IZTECH is a newly established institution, it has provided a healthy scientific study and education environment with its new and strong infrastructure (new devices and equipped academic staff).

Scientific and contemporary thinking has added value to me in terms of being open to innovations and following the current. I remind my fellow students that they should make full use of all the opportunities offered by IZTECH throughout their education life, remember that being an IZTECH graduate will add value to them and act with this sense of belonging.