About Us

In order to strengthen the bond between our graduates and our Institute, which we believe will make important contributions to the present and future of our country, to establish an effective communication network, to contribute to the scientific and cultural experiences of our graduates, to increase their employment opportunities and to further strengthen IZTECH’s corporate identity, the “IZTECH Alumni Office” was held on 19.02.2020. / 4 was established by the decision of the board of directors.

In addition to establishing a bond with the Institute, we aim for our graduates to establish ties with each other and with our students who will graduate after them, and to realize new projects and collaborations.

Objectives of IZTECH Alumni Office

• To increase communication with the graduates of the institute,
• To create an alumni data bank,
• To strengthen the bond between the graduates and the Institute,
• To produce projects to promote the activities of the Institute with the alumni,
• To contribute to the development of the scientific and cultural experiences of the graduates of the institute,
• Contributing to the promotion of the Institute in national and international platforms,
• Bringing alumni and Institute students together to share experiences, to prepare an environment for the establishment of mentoring relationships,
• To increase the employment opportunities of our graduates,
• To develop strategies for career planning and development in order to maximize the qualifications, prestige and preferability of our graduates.